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Best 15 places to visit in Lucknow with friends 2023

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The city of Lucknow in India is renowned for its rich culture and heritage. It has many famous places that attract visitors from all over the world.

Places to visit in Lucknow with friends One of the most iconic places is the Bara Imambara, which was built in the 18th century and is considered one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture.

 Another popular site is the Rumi Darwaza, which was constructed by the Nawab of Awadh in the 18th century and is a majestic gateway into the city. The Chota Imambara, also known as the Husainabad Imambara, is an impressive structure built in the 19th century and is a popular tourist attraction. The Lucknow Zoo, established in 1921, is home to a variety of wildlife including tigers, leopards, and rhinos.

Lucknow zoo could be the best option for places to visit in Lucknow with friends.

 The 18th-century Asafi Mosque and the 19th-century Moti Mahal are two other landmarks that are worth visiting.

 Finally, the magnificent Chowk area, with its vibrant streets and colorful markets, is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring the city’s rich culture.

 Lucknow best places are Marine Drive, Anandi Water Park, Janeshwar Mishra Park, Amarpali Water Park, the zoo and Hajratganj Market, etc.

Best places to visit in Lucknow

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  1. Bada Imam Bara 

best places to visit in lucknow

The Bada Imambara is one of Lucknow’s most iconic buildings. Located near the banks of the Gomti River, the Imambara was constructed in 1784 by Asaf-ud-Daula, the fourth Nawab of Awadh. 

It is an impressive complex of buildings, including the main hall, a mosque, and a network of underground passages. 

The main hall is a magnificent structure, with towering walls and an intricate lattice ceiling. 

The walls are decorated with brightly colored tiles and painted frescoes, while the ceiling is decorated with chandeliers and intricately carved marble. 

The mosque also features an impressive dome and intricate carvings. This a good places to visit in lucknow with friends.

The underground passages are believed to lead to various parts of the city, though few people have ventured into them. The Bada Imambara is a must-see for anyone visiting Lucknow, providing a glimpse into the city’s past and its rich culture.


2. Ambedkar Park


Located in the heart of Lucknow, India, Dr. BR Ambedkar Park is of tranquility and beauty. 

The park is a tribute to the life and work of Dr. BR Ambedkar, the architect of India’s Constitution and a champion of social justice and human rights.

 The park covers an area of around 10 acres and features a variety of attractions, including a large open-air amphitheater, a meditation hall, and a sculpture garden. 

The park also features a variety of flora, including trees, shrubs, and other plants in this area.

 Dr. BR Ambedkar Park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, offering a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of Lucknow city life. this park is a good places to visit in Lucknow with friends.


3. Marine Drive


Marine Drive in Lucknow is a beautiful road that winds its way along the banks of the Gomti river.

 It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, offering stunning views of the river and the city skyline. 

The road is lined with trees and several bridges, offering a peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

 Along the way, there are several cafes and restaurants to stop at for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. 

Marine Drive is especially popular during the evenings when the lights of the city twinkle in the twilight. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or want to take in some of Lucknow’s beauty, Marine Drive is the perfect spot.


4. Anandi Water Park


Anandi Water Park in Lucknow is the best places to visit in Lucknow with friends for fu n. 

The park offers a range of water rides and attractions, including thrilling water slides and a wave pool.

 There are also a variety of restaurants, eateries, and shops on site. 

In addition to the water park, Anandi also has an amusement park with enjoyment and attractions for all ages.

 The whole family can enjoy a day of fun in the sun at Anandi Water Park. 

There is also a wide range of packages available to suit any budget, making Anandi Water Park the perfect place for a family day out.


5. Janeshwar Mishra park


Janeshwar Mishra Park is a large public park in Lucknow, India. 

It covers an area of over 250 acres and is one of the largest parks in Asia. 

The park was built in 2014 and is named after Janeshwar Mishra, a former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. 

The park features a variety of attractions, including an artificial lake, a mini-zoo, a toy train, an amphitheater, and several gardens. 

It is a popular tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors every day. 

The park also hosts some special events, such as live music performances, cultural festivals, and sports tournaments. 

Janeshwar Mishra Park is a great place to spend the day and explore the beauty of Lucknow.


6. Bhool bhulaiya


Bhul Bhulayiya is an ancient and iconic monument in the city of Lucknow, India.

 It is a sprawling maze of more than 1,000 narrow and winding lanes that form an intricate network throughout the old city. Built in the 18th century, this architectural marvel has withstood the test of time and remains a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. 

Visitors can explore the winding lanes and marvel at the remarkable architecture, while also exploring the unique culture of the city.

 Bhul Bhulayiya is a must-see destination if you’re ever in Lucknow, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


7. Rumi Darwaja


Rumi Darwaja is a historic monument located in the city of Lucknow, India.

 It is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and has been standing for more than 300 years.

 The structure was built during the reign of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and is considered to be an example of Mughal-style architecture.

 The tall, pointed archway is made of red sandstone and is decorated with intricate carvings and calligraphy. 

It is said to have been a gateway to the royal palace and a symbol of the city’s past grandeur. 

Today, Rumi Darwaja is a popular tourist attraction, as well as a symbol of Lucknow’s cultural heritage.


8. Zoo in Lucknow


Zoo Lucknow is a popular destination located in Lucknow, India. 

The zoo was founded in 1921 and covers an area of over 200 acres. It is home to a variety of wild animals, including tigers, lions, leopards, bears, rhinos, hippos, and monkeys. 

The zoo also houses a wide range of birds, reptiles, and fish. this zoo is the best places to visit in Lucknow with friends.


9. Phoenix Placio


Phoenix Placio Lucknow is a luxurious five-star hotel located in the heart of the city. 

The hotel is situated in a prime location, close to many of Lucknow’s attractions, such as the Bada Imambara, Chhota Imambara, and Bara Imambara. 

Phoenix Placio provides its guests with luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, restaurants, and bars. 

The hotel also offers a wide range of services such as laundry, room service, and concierge.

 In addition, the hotel’s staff is friendly and helpful, making sure that all guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay.

 Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Phoenix Placio Lucknow is the perfect choice for a luxurious and comfortable stay in the city.

10. Hajratganj Market


Hajratganj Market is located in the heart of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. 

The market, which dates back to the 19th century, is a bustling bazaar that sells everything from jewelry to clothing to home decor. 

The market is known for its diverse collection of goods, as well as its vibrant atmosphere. 

It is a great place to find unique items and experience Lucknow’s culture.

 The market is filled with colorful stalls and shops, and it’s one of the best places in the city to find a bargain. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional Indian clothing or modern accessories, Hajratganj Market has something for everyone.

 It is an experience not to be missed when visiting Lucknow. this market is a good places to visit Lucknow with friends.


11. Amarpali Water Park


Amarpali Waterpark in Lucknow is a popular destination for families and friends looking for a fun day out. 

The waterpark features a variety of thrilling water rides and attractions, including an aqua disco, a wave pool, and a lazy river. 

There is also an amusement park with rides such as a roller coaster, bumper cars, and carousels. 

The park also offers food stalls, cafes, and restaurants so that visitors can enjoy snacks and meals while they relax. 

With its wide range of attractions, Amrapali Water park is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family. 

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lucknow and is well worth a visit. this waterpark is a good places to visit in Lucknow with friends.


12. Musical Water Fountain


The Musical Water Fountain in Lucknow is one of the city’s most beloved attractions.

This fountain is the best option for places to visit in Lucknow with friends.

 Located in the heart of the city, the fountain is a popular spot for tourists, locals, and families alike. 

The fountain is made up of a series of fountains and pools that are lit up with colorful lights and synchronized with music. 

It is a truly captivating sight to behold, as the water dances and moves in time to the music.

 People can spend hours enjoying the fountain’s beauty, and it is a great way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The Musical Water Fountain in Lucknow is an amazing sight, and it is well worth a visit if you’re ever in the city.


13. Kathouta lake


Kathouta Lake is one of the most popular attractions in Lucknow, India. Located in the city’s old quarter, the lake is located middle of the bustling city.

 Its intricate network of canals and islands makes it an ideal spot for a stroll or a picnic.

 The lake is also home to many migratory birds, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

 Visitors can take boat rides around the lake, or hire a Pedi-boat for a more leisurely experience. 

The lake also hosts several festivals throughout the year, including the annual Boating Festival which attracts thousands of visitors. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or an exciting adventure, Kathouta Lake is worth a visit.


14 Jama Mosque


The Jama Masjid in Lucknow is a renowned mosque located in the city of Lucknow, India. 

Built in the mid-19th century, the mosque is one of the largest mosques in the country and is known for its stunning architecture. 

The mosque is constructed in a striking Mughal style, with a large central courtyard surrounded by four grand minarets.

 Inside the mosque, visitors can admire the intricate carvings and decorations that adorn the walls and ceilings. 

The mosque also houses a large collection of ancient manuscripts and books on Islamic history and culture. 

It is also home to an iconic clock tower, which has become a symbol of Lucknow city. 

The Jama Masjid is a popular tourist destination and a popular spot for worship for the local Muslim population.

 It is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture and an important part of India’s rich history.


15. Satkhanda in Lucknow


Satkhanda is a traditional Indian art form that originated in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. 

It is an intricate and delicate form of embroidery that is characterized by its use of tiny mirrors, called satka, which are sewn into the fabric to create beautiful designs. 

Satkhanda is usually done on traditional garments such as saris and salwar kameez, and it is often used to decorate bridal outfits.

 Satkhanda is a popular form of wedding decoration in Lucknow, and its artisans are highly sought after. 

The city has a vibrant culture of satkhanda artists, and many of them have passed down their techniques and knowledge from generation to generation.

 Satkhanda is a beautiful art form that celebrates the traditional values and embroideries of Lucknow.


People Also ask for Lucknow:-


1.What is the most interesting place in Lucknow?

Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, British Residency, Chattar Manzil, Amrapali Water Park, Ambedkar Park, Lucknow Zoological Garden, Ram Manohar Lohiya Park, and many other attractions can be found in Lucknow. Lucknow, the Nawabi capital, is brimming with rich culture and ancient heritage.


2. What should I do with my day in Lucknow?

Places to Visit in Lucknow with friends
… The Residency. 1,521. Architectural Buildings • Monuments & Statues. … Janeshwar Mishra Park. 225. Parks…. Hazratganj. 824. Historic Walking Areas…. La Martiniere College. 197. Educational sites…. Rumi Darwaza. 454…. Chandrika Devi Temple. Religious Sites. 358. Chowk.


3. Which is the richest area in Lucknow?

Indira Nagar is number one. Indira Nagar is a well-known affluent neighbourhood in Lucknow. The neighbourhood is regarded as the preeminent residential colony, with close proximity to areas such as Hajratganj, Kalyanpur, and Gomti Nagar, among others.


4. Is Lucknow a low-cost city?

The following is a summary of the cost of living in Lucknow (Lakhnau), India: Without rent, a family of four will spend $1,112 ($90,545) per month. Without rent, a single person’s monthly costs are estimated to be 320$ (26,035). Lucknow is 74.41% cheaper than Seattle (without rent).


5. Is two days sufficient for Lucknow?

Two full days are sufficient to see all of Lucknow’s attractions; however, if you want to get a sense of the city, allow at least three days.


6. Why is Lucknow famous?


Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, has always been a multicultural city. The Persian-loving Shia Nawabs of the city are well known among Indians and students of South Asian culture and history for their courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry, music, and fine cuisine.


7. Which fruit is well-known in Lucknow?

Lucknow is famous for its world-famous Dussehri mango variety. Mangoes are particularly popular among city dwellers, but other fruits such as litchi, guavas, papaya, bananas, oranges, and melons are also popular.


8. Why is Lucknow biryani so popular?

By biryani, we are both united and divided. Lucknowi biryani is a subtle blend of spices with a rich culture and history from the city of Nawabs. Lucknowi style is synonymous with pakki because it originated in the biryani capital of Lucknow.


9. Where can couples go in Lucknow?


… Janeshwar Mishra Park. 1,520. Architectural Buildings • Monuments & Statues. 225. … 368. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden. Gomti Riverfront Park. Zoos. Begum Hazrat Mahal Park is a park in Delhi, India. Kukrail Forest Reserve is a park. Tornos India is a nature and wildlife reserve. Cultural Tours • Historical & Heritage Tours.


10. What is Lucknow called now?

Lucknow is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India


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