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Varanasi is considered to be the most ancient spiritual city in India and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

 Tourism in Varanasi is considered to be one of the best touristry in up. According to the beliefs, this city situated on the trident of the god Shiva was established by god Shiva 5000 years ago. Its description is found in many Hindu texts.

 Varanasi is known as the city of temples and ghats. It is the city with the highest no of ghats in the world.

 It’s considered one of the holiest cities in Hinduism and is considered sacred in Buddhism and Jainism. Gautam buddha gave his first sermon here.

It is known as Banaras and Kashi is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganges, this city attracts a lot not only  Indian but also foreign tourists.

If you talk about tourism in Varanasi then go there places and feel the sanctity there.

Lakhniya Dari, Windom Falls, Kaimur, and Rajdari are the best picnic spot near Varanasi.

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7 Picnic spot near Varanasi


1. Rajdari Waterfall

Best 7 Picnic spot near Varanasi 2023

Rajdari Waterfall is a stunning natural attraction located in Mirzapur. 


 The waterfall is located in the Kaimur district of the state, and it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area


Rajdari waterfall is the best picnic spot near Varanasi.


 It is a two-tiered waterfall, with the first tier cascading over a rocky cliff and the second tier flowing into a pool at the bottom.


The waters of the falls are crystal clear and very refreshing, making it a popular spot for enjoyment.


 The surrounding landscape is also stunning, with lush green hills and forests as far as the eye can see.


 For visitors looking to experience some of India’s natural beauty, Rajdari Waterfall is an ideal destination.

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2. Devdari waterfall


Devdari Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh.


The waterfall is situated on the River Ganges and is surrounded by lush green forests.


 It is a popular spot for tourists and nature lovers who come to admire its stunning beauty. 


The waterfall is around 150 feet tall and provides a majestic view of the river and its surrounding area.


 It is also home to a variety of birds and other wildlife, making it a great place for bird watching and wildlife spotting. 


Devdari Waterfall is an ideal spot for those looking to get away from it all and experience the beauty of nature.

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3. Kaimur Tourist Area

Best 7 Picnic spot near Varanasi 2023

Kaimur is a beautiful tourist destination located in India’s Bihar state.


It is home to a wide range of attractions, from ancient temples and fortresses to stunning wildlife parks.


Kaimur is a good places to visit near Varanasi for couples.

 Visitors to Kaimur can explore the ruins of Kundeshwar Temple, the majestic Kaimur Fort, or the majestic Mahua Falls.


 Kaimur also boasts several wildlife sanctuaries, including Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary and Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary. 


Here visitors can see a variety of animals such as tigers, elephants, leopards, sloth bears, and deer.

 For those seeking a more tranquil experience, Kaimur has a number of stunning lakes and rivers.


The lakes provide breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and are perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing.


With its many attractions and activities, Kaimur is an ideal destination for travelers looking to get away from it all and truly immerse themselves in nature.


4. Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Best 7 Picnic spot near Varanasi 2023

The Chandraprabha Wildlife Century, in Uttar Pradesh, India, is one of the most unique wildlife sanctuaries in the world.


The sanctuary is home to a vast array of animals and birds, including tigers, elephants, leopards, and a variety of other species. 


The sanctuary is also home to many rare plants, including the sacred Indian Champa tree.


The Chandrapabha Wildlife Century is known for its rich biodiversity, with over 500 species of plants, 300 species of birds, and 40 species of mammals. 


The sanctuary is managed by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, and the area is protected from poaching and illegal logging.

 Visitors to the sanctuary can enjoy a variety of activities, such as bird-watching, camping, trekking, and photographic safaris.


The Chandraprabha Wildlife Century is an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.


 It is a place where visitors can experience the beauty of nature and get close to some of India’s most majestic animals.


5. Chunar Fort

Best 7 Picnic spot near Varanasi 2023

The Chunar Fort is an ancient fort located in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, India.


 Built-in 1574 by Mughal Emperor Akbar, the fort is located on a sandstone cliff overlooking the Ganges River.


 The fort is known for its unique architecture and its strategic importance.


It has been used by a number of different rulers, including the Marathas, the Nawabs of Oudh, and the British Raj. 


The fort is now a popular tourist destination, with many visitors coming to marvel at its architecture and learn about its history.


It is also home to a number of temples, including the Sri Madhav Temple, the Hanuman Temple, and the Uvai Mata Temple. 


Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a beautiful location to explore, the Chunar Fort is definitely worth a visit.


6. Windom Fall

Best 7 Picnic spot near Varanasi 2023

Windom Fall is an incredible destination located in the Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh, India. 


It is a beautiful waterfall, cascading down from a height of 50 feet, and is surrounded by lush green hills.


 It is a popular spot for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 


The area around Windom Fall is also home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, peacocks, and butterflies.


 Visitors can take a leisurely walk to the falls, or even camp overnight near its banks.


 No matter how you spend your time there, a visit to Windom Fall is sure to be memorable.


7. Lakhniya Dari

Best 7 Picnic spot near Varanasi 2023

The Lakhniya Dari Waterfall is a spectacular natural wonder located in Chandauli district, Uttar Pradesh, India.


 The waterfall is situated on the Ganges River banks and surrounded by lush green forests. 

It is one of the most popular attractions in the area and attracts visitors from all over the world. 


The attractive gentle force of the waterfall creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that is perfect for a day of relaxation and exploration.


Visitors can take in the breathtaking views of the river and the surrounding forests while listening to the soothing sound of the cascading water.


 For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, the Lakhniya Dari Waterfall provides a tranquil retreat.


Lakhniya Dari is the best picnic spot near Varanasi.


People also ask:-

  1. What hill station is close to Varanasi?


One of the closest hill stations to Varanasi, the destination offers breathtaking views of Nanda Devi, Uttarakhand’s highest peak.


2. Where can I go for a picnic in Banaras?

Check out our recommendations for picnic spot near varanasi  

The Ganges River. Varanasi at sunset as seen from the Ganges River.
Assi Ghat. Dasaswamedh Ghat. Assi Ghat for Ganga Aarti. Manikarnika Ghat. Dhamek Stupa. Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Banaras Hindu University. Ruchika Art Gallery.


3. Which national park is the closest to Varanasi?

The Chandra Prabha sanctuary is only 65 kilometres from Varanasi’s city centre. Hiring a taxi and driving down to the park is the most convenient way to get there. The journey takes about two hours. Mughalsarai and Varanasi, which are well connected to most parts of India, are the nearest rail junctions.


4. Can we touch the Shivaling in the Kashi Vishwanath temple?


The famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi has decided to impose a dress code before devotees enter the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. Devotees who wish to touch the Jyotirlinga (known as sparsh darshan) in the sanctum sanctorum must now dress in Dhoti-Kurta.


5. What is the entry fee for Kashi Vishwanath temple?

The entrance to the temple is free of charge. In-store lockers are available for storing your electronic devices. In the same shops, you will be able to purchase prasaad and flowers, which will be charged. The smallest prasaad packet costs Rs. 100


6. Is it legal to drink alcohol in Varanasi?

Do you intend to visit Varanasi? If you are found consuming liquor and non-vegetarian food within a 250-metre radius of all temples and heritage sites in the holy town, you may face prosecution.


7. Can we bring Ganga Jal back from Varanasi?

Yes, you can collect Ganges water from the banks near any of the ghats in Varanasi.


8. Which sweets are famous in Varanasi?

Malaiyyo is another well-known Banaras sweet. It is only available during the winter. The milk is boiled first and then left outside overnight to soak up the goodness of dew. The milk is then flavoured with cardamom, pistachio, cream, and saffron the next.


9. When does Ganga Aarti begin in Varanasi?

The aarti is held daily at 6:30 PM after sundown in the summer and 7:00 PM in the winter for approximately 45 minutes. Dashashwamedh ghat, one of Varanasi’s holiest ghats, will be the venue. At 7:00 PM, an announcement is made informing attendees of the start of aarti.


10. What are the five most well-known ghats in Varanasi?

Let us discuss the city’s five most well-known ghats.
Dashashwamedha Ghat is a Hindu pilgrimage site.
Assi Ghat
Manikarnika Ghat
Harishchandra Ghat
Kedar Ghatr